5G Security

Texas and New Mexico's #1 Choice for Commercial Security Systems

We help businesses prevent intrusions. 5G Security offers competitively priced commercial alarm systems engineered and designed around your specific needs and infrastructure. Locally owned and based in Lubbock Texas, 5G Security offers top-notch customer service combined with the best products (NDAA compliant when possible) manufactured right here in the United States.

Independent Registered Investment Advisor Firm

Personalized and Responsive Attention

Fiduciaries Presenting Integrity First Mindset


100% Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring you can use the system we install to it's fullest potential saving you time, money, and frustration. 

Safety Is #1 Priority

We will always take the time to stay current with the technological advancements that are made every day in the safety and security industry. Feel secure knowing your workplace is safe and well protected.

Community Impact

We create an environment where we help our employees grow and learn to be leaders; allowing them to follow their dreams! Even if those dreams lead them away from our organization. 

Protect Your People

By creating safer and healthier environments for your employees and visitors, so they're protected, confident and productive.

Secure Your Networks

By eliminating cybersecurity threats, you can avoid downtime and continue to operate with peace of mind.

Safeguard Your Assets

By helping to keep a vigilant eye on your assets to identify and mitigate risks, so you have peace of mind that they're safe from loss and damage.

Manage Your Operations

By combining insights and automation to drive smarter decision-making – so your business operates more effectively and efficiently.

Client Value

We Prioritize our customers, employees, and the success of each project with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee over profits. We ALWAYS answer our phones! Aside from alarm monitoring calls you will never speak to anyone outside our organization when you call 5G Security.

Who We Serve

We cover the Oil & Gas industry, Schools, Churches, and Small Industrial locations in Texas and New Mexico.
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Why 5G Security

Should Be Your Hub for All Things Security
Every effort will be made to make sure we don’t sell you more or less than what you need.  100% Customer Satisfaction is the goal, and we will ALWAYS answer our phone.

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Security Features

All of our products have the latest security features to make sure that as we protect your physical property we also keep your network and data secure. Like a vault, but one that is easy and convenient to access.

Warranty Backed

We only choose manufacturers who make great products that are built to last. Your manufacturer's warranty information is in safe hands - we keep track of those too!

Smart Tech

We buy and sell products that are on the cutting edge of what is available in the security market. From AI to analytics and automation, we make taking advantage of the SMART part of smart devices easy!